6 Week Program

Suitable For Children 5 Months+

$497 USD

  • Detail intake & written assessment
  • Access to scheduled coaching calls Monday-Friday
  • Daily chat support via Facebook Monday-Friday
  • Lifetime access to our private client Facebook group
  • Access to both our sleep specialists
  • Weekly sleep log review & updated suggestions & strategies
  • Lifetime access to our Sleep Through Connection Course
  • Transition From Bed Sharing
  • Transition From Contact Naps
  • Shifting Sleep Associations
  • Introducing New Caregivers
  • Understanding Attachment
  • Frequent Night Waking
  • Early Rising
  • Split Nights
  • Weaning
  • False Starts
  • Short Naps
  • & More

Is this group coaching?

Not really. We do host daily group coaching calls to answer questions, however these coaching calls are in a format where we are essentially “opening” our office doors for an hour to answer any questions you have face to face with our sleep specialists. You are able to hop on the call at any time during the scheduled hour and if you aren’t able to attend live, you can send in questions ahead of time & watch the replay later. We definitely encourage a community & “village of support” vibe but if that’s not your thing, that’s okay too.

Do your methods include cry it out or timed checks?

No. We take a holistic approach to sleep & do not focus on "training" a baby or toddler to sleep. We focus on ensuring the foundations are in place (helping you to figure out your child's unique sleep needs for optimal sleep), helping you understand normal infant sleep & development & make changes to things that are no longer working for your family or child. However, we do NOT offer a no cry sleep solution if you are hoping to making bigger changes, emotions are a healthy & normal part of attachment as long as they are supported. There is a huge difference between supporting your child through change & closing a door on tears. We focus on building a secure attachment & helping families understand how supporting our children's emotions plays into that.

Do you use “gentle” sleep training methods?

No, we do not use any “gentle” sleep training methods like pick up/put down, the “chair method” or “camping out”. These methods, although they involve you staying in the room, still operate under the idea that your infant or toddler needs to “self soothe” and fall asleep independently in order to sleep well at night which is false. The majority of our clients continue to support their babies to sleep however they please.

Can you make any guarantees around how my child will be sleeping after working together?

No. we wish we could, but when we are taking a holistic approach to sleep & working with human beings with different temperaments & needs there are no guarantees. Often sleep trainers will make promises around having your child sleeping X amount of hours straight after X amount of time because they are using separation & a behaviorist approach to achieve certain results which is something I will not focus on while taking an attachment & developmentalist based approach. Taking a gentle approach is not a quick fix & we do not make promises around infants or toddlers sleeping 12 hours straight in 2 weeks. The information you gain from this program will set you on the path to get 10-12 hours straight when your child is actually capable of doing so.

Alicia Dyshon

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