A Gentle Start To Sleep

Suitable For Babies 0-4 Months

$67 USD $37 USD

  • ​Learn to identify your child's unique sleep pattern & cues
  • ​Understand sleep environment, feeding needs & sleep science
  • Calm a fussy baby and support them to sleep
  • ​Set your baby up for optimal sleep without sleep training
  • ​​Navigating the 4 month developmental progression
  • ​​Understand normal infant sleep & future sleep challenges
  • ​Learn about building a secure attachment

Sleep Without Sleep Training

Suitable For Babies 5 Months+ Through Toddlerhood

$147 USD $77 USD

  • ​Learn your child's unique sleep needs & setting them up for optimal sleep
  • ​Identify unique temperament, sensory needs & red flags relating to sleep.
  • ​Make changes to sleep associations & sleeping arrangements
  • ​​Understand normal infant & toddler sleep
  • ​​​Learn about building a secure attachment & supporting big emotions
  • Navigating developmental progressions, nutrition, weaning & bedtime battles.
  • ​& so much more!

Making Changes Without Sleep Training

Suitable For All Ages

$27 USD

  • ​Replay of our shifting sleep associations webinar
  • ​Create a plan that works for your family & child.
  • ​​Ensuring the sleep foundations are in place for optimal nighttime sleep
  • Understanding attachment & supporting emotions around change
  • Navigate the transition based off your child's unique temperament
  • ​Developing sleep associations with other caregivers

Are any of these courses or webinars traditional sleep training or cry it out methods?

No. We take a holistic approach to sleep & do not focus on "training" a baby or toddler to sleep. We focus on ensuring the foundations are in place (helping you to figure out your child's unique sleep needs for optimal sleep), helping you understand normal infant sleep & development & make changes to things that are no longer working for your family or child. However, we do NOT offer a no cry sleep solution if you are hoping to making bigger changes, emotions are a healthy & normal part of attachment as long as they are supported. There is a huge difference between supporting your child through change & closing a door on tears. We focus on building a secure attachment & helping families understand how supporting our children's emotions plays into that.

Can you make any guarantees around how my child will be sleeping after going through these courses & webinars?

No. I wish we could, but when we are taking a holistic approach to sleep & working with human beings with different temperaments & needs there are no guarantees. Often sleep trainers will make promises around having your child sleeping X amount of hours straight after X amount of time because they are using separation & a behaviorist approach to achieve certain results which is something we will not focus on while taking an attachment & developmentalist based approach. Taking a gentle approach is not a quick fix & we do not make promises around infants or toddlers sleeping 12 hours straight in 2 weeks. The information you gain from these courses & webinar will set you on the path to get 10-12 hours straight when your child is actually capable of doing so.

Alicia Dyshon

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