6 Week Support Program

Suitable For Babies 5 Months+

Limited Time Offer $297 USD

  • Detailed Intake & Assessment
  • Daily group coaching calls Monday-Friday
  • Lifetime access to our private community
  • Weekly sleep log reviews
  • Lifetime access to our newly updated Sleep Through Connection Course

Suitable For All Ages

$247 USD

  • ​​Suitable for families struggling in one specific area of sleep​
  • Detailed intake & sleep/nutrition log review
  • ​Personalized sleep assessment
  • ​2x 30 Minute video calls booked within 2 weeks of one another
  • Access to our Sleep Foundations (0-4 Months) or Sleep Through Connection Course (5 Months+)
  • Email support is not included. Option to add on additional follow up support as needed.


4 Week Support Package

Suitable For Babies 5 Months+ Through Toddlerhood

$597 USD

  • A detailed intake form & Sleep & Nutrition log review
  • ​A private 30 minute video call & assessment
  • ​4 Weeks of email support Mon-Fri (9am-3pm PST)
  • ​Review of sleep logs at each daily check in
  • ​Access to our Sleep Through Connection video module program
  • ​​Learn your child's unique sleep needs & set them up for optimal sleep
  • ​Identify unique temperament, sensory needs & red flags
  • ​Make changes to sleep associations & sleeping arrangements
  • ​​Understand normal infant & toddler sleep
  • ​​​Learn about building a secure attachment & supporting big emotions

Do your methods include traditional sleep training or cry it out methods?

No. We take a holistic approach to sleep & do not focus on "training" a baby or toddler to sleep. We focus on ensuring the foundations are in place (helping you to figure out your child's unique sleep needs for optimal sleep), helping you understand normal infant sleep & development & make changes to things that are no longer working for your family or child. However, we do NOT offer a no cry sleep solution if you are hoping to making bigger changes, emotions are a healthy & normal part of attachment as long as they are supported. There is a huge difference between supporting your child through change & closing a door on tears. We focus on building a secure attachment & helping families understand how supporting our children's emotions plays into that.

Can you make any guarantees around how my child will be sleeping after working together?

No. I wish I could, but when we are taking a holistic approach to sleep & working with human beings with different temperaments & needs there are no guarantees. Often sleep trainers will make promises around having your child sleeping X amount of hours straight after X amount of time because they are using separation & a behaviorist approach to achieve certain results which is something I will not focus on while taking an attachment & developmentalist based approach. Taking a gentle approach is not a quick fix & I do not make promises around infants or toddlers sleeping 12 hours straight in 2 weeks. The information you gain from these courses & webinar will set you on the path to get 10-12 hours straight when your child is actually capable of doing so.

Do you offer payment plans for your 1:1 services?

Yes! We like to ensure that families can get the help they need without feeling the need to sleep train. To learn more about payment plan options, please reach out via email at Alicia@dyshonfamilysleep.com

Alicia Dyshon

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